Alinco DJ-W35


This new UHF handheld transceiver packs a lot of performance into a MIL-spec rugged polycarbonate body.
Designed to resist splash and dust, the DJ-W35 features professional grade specs such as 1W audio output, 2.5ppm frequency stability, capable of operating 350-400MHz
range at 4W with 50 tone-squelch, DCS or DTMF/ANI in 128
programmable-channels or VFO.

*MIL-STD-810G shock/vibration compliant
*IP54 Dust & Splash-proof compatible

Features Specifications

●128 channels to program operating parameters via
PC utility software
●Channel, Name tag and VFO (Frequency) display
modes selectable
●Comes with a rechargeable Li-Ion pack, desktop
quick-charger and high-performance whip antenna
●Ergonomically designed compact body 59.0W x
98.0H x 35.0D mm or 2.32W x 3.86H x 1.38D inches
(w/o projections, approx.), weighs approx.227g or
8.01oz inclusive of battery pack and antenna
●3 types of Scan functions (VFO/Memory
channels/Priority), 50 CTCSS, 116 DCS and 4
Tone-burst tones
●Backlit, Dot Matrix LCD screen with alphanumeric
name tag
●Microphone and speaker ports
●Includes FM radio receiver, Internal VOX, Voiceprompt in English, Remote-Kill/Stun/Waken, Analog
scrambling, Voice Compander, Narrow FM,
Repeater-reverse, Auto-Power-OFF, Busy-ChannelLockout, Time-Out-Timer and more and more at No
extra cost



●Frequency coverage : [TX/RX] 350.000-399.995MHz
[RX only] 76-108MHz
●Mode : F3E(16K0F3E / 11K0F3E / RX only WFM)
●Programmable channels : 128 channels
●Frequency stability : ±2.5ppm
●Power supply requirement : 7.4V DC±20% (negative ground)
●Current drain (Approx.) : 1400mA TX / 300mA receive at Max audio
output / 70 mA squelched
●Usable temperature range : -20~ +55℃(-4~131°F)
●Dimensions (Projections not included/approx.) :
59.0W×98.0H×35.0D mm or 2.32W×3.86H×1.38D inches
●Weight : approx.227g or 8.01oz inclusive of battery pack and antenna
Transmitter (ETSI EN300 086 compliant)
●Output power : Approx.4 / 2 / 0.5W
●Modulation system : Variable reactance FM
●Spurious emissions : Less than -36dBm
●Max. frequency deviation : ±5kHz / ±2.5kHz
Receiver (ETSI EN300 086 compliant)
●Receive system : Double conversion superheterodyne
●Intermediate frequencies : 26.45MHZ
●Sensitivity(12dB SINAD Wide/Narrow) : -12dBμ or better
(0.25μV/0.35μV) or better
●Selectivity : -6dB : -6dB : Wide 12kHz /Narrow 10kHz or more
-60dB :Wide 30kHz / Narrow 24kHz or less
●Audio output power : 1000mW(10% distortion)